Helping older adults to treat their health conditions that would normally require a prescription for medication, but instead offer nutrition resources.

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This website was created with one idea in mind; to have a one stop shop containing nutrition related content covering various health conditions that older adults are struggling with.

What if instead of being prescribed a medication, you were written a prescription for nutrition?

It is not always a bad thing to be given a medication to help resolve a health condition, but it’s no secret that medications are often overly prescribed to the public when the condition can be easily improved with a nutrition alternative.

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can do just that. They investigate what the root cause is and provide individualized nutrition related recommendations to help improve or resolve this issue.

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Andrea Crittenden, RDN

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist who is passionate about nutrition education and making an impact on individuals who are searching for reputable nutrition information.

I have experience providing nutrition education and medical nutrition therapy within local communities from infancy to older adults. I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition from Chico State University in California and completed my Dietetic Internship at Clinica Sierra Vista WIC program in Bakersfield California.

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Andrea Crittenden, RDN

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